I love creating. My work is my prana.
I work in the area of sculpture and untraditional forms of expression.
I consider it to be the most harmonious way for starting a dialogue and try to continue it in the time.

I combine rough materials (stone, metal) with air, water, fire and flora. The elements used as a second material help me. In that way the dialogue man-nature is fulfilled on one sensuous level.
I am interested in Earth history because my country is multi-ethnic with very rich and interesting history. I am interested in the different rituals, mythology and architecture the semiotic system of those ancient times and peoples. I am trying to intertwine them with my works in order to build a bridge from the past to the present and to the future.

I want my works to be accepted not like some of the many but set issues
and to be remembered as an emblematic for their time.
I think that the modern artist must not be limited by economic,
political and social controversies and boundaries
but to be one true mediator between peoples through the centuries.

This is why I develop socially oriented projects treating themes like people in unequal situation (orphans, disabled people, solitary mothers and unemployed as well as people having difficulties communicating with each other)

Raya G.